Welcome to my site and feel free to kick off your shoes, have a lounge and generally get comfy!

I cant guarantee what you will get from my words and thoughts but you might just find something to spark your interest, to make you chuckle or to reflect upon.

Why poetry from the heart?

I have been through some very challenging and traumatic situations over the last three years which has given fuel to my creative outlets.

Along with these situations came an empowering decision to step away from full-time work where I was in a heavy “helping others” role back in 2016.

I have always held a love for creative writing and the self expression that it allows me to have and so this site was developed.

I like the experimentation of new ideas and created this “space” to share my poems, quotes¬† and also other words from my inner mental library.

I share from the heart and hope that people will also be able to share and connect with their own experiences.

I hope you enjoy what I write.



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No drama, no created crisis. Is that OK? Just stillness and peace in this moment that is…my heart beats a certain rhythum as I listen to the wind and the sounds of summer. Sky blue, sea green, birds hovering on warm winds above me. Once upon a time I left my body, floated out of … Continue reading Now…


I desire the beating warmth of your cradling heart To hold me still while the storm rages overhead Lost in the dream awake in your glistening eyes I feel like warm honey that blends with hard caress  I sink into you further  You stir and I am alive in the beauty Broken, sharp edges of … Continue reading Held…


I’m scared of loneliness when I’m alone with you..  The twisting, gnawing type that settles in for the night I’m meant to be connected and through this prospective I see you Standing still taking me in with your tempting gaze If only you saw me without the mask…

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