Full bodied red


City scapes and country adventure…

So I fall and I fail,Who am I not to try..
Each day a new beginning, a new beam of light
I wake up and breath…as I open my eyes
Crisp yellow sunlight beams into my room
Gently beckoning for my attention
A new day dawning
I choose life, passionate playful opportunities
Daytime, caffeine and buzz, city slickers and robot bankers
Striding through the concrete jungle, monkeys everywhere
Evening creeps in to pub time chorus of chinking glasses and overzealous laughter
But I’m not there,
Up on a hill Im laying on my back looking up at the night sky
Country air heavy with anticipation
Man at my side warm to the touch
Full bodied red
Havent I got it all?
What I need and what I want
So I might fall and I might fail
Who are we not to try…?


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