I hope you enjoy this latest poem.  Social pressure and internal voices ” be strong” they say…

What is it to be strong? Is it to prove a point, to capture hearts with that “magnificent” strength.

That has fought in battles of blood and tears, weary and heavy beyond my years.

I step outside the arena of life and its bleak dark forms.

I’m adrift with my mind and your societal norms.

Does that make me strong or does that make me weak…

Do I even care what you think.

I’m not here with guns and knives to bang on your door to separate lives… and be more do more,  but with grace and faith and ……here I am.

Stripped of armour my defences are down.

I may not laugh and inside im the clown.

Tread carefully I warn and keep away. In the dark cold night I sit and I pray.

For peace in this life and joy in the next does that make me wrong.

I may be shattered and yet….. I am strong


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