I am sure we can relate to shame – all of us at some time or another. Bring it out, kick it into shape and it needs to be seen…


Shame, shame know your name.

From playground, in childhood to bedroom its the same.

You hide in dark corners a beast of the night.

To pounce upon daydreams and block out the light.

A raging dark force, from which we are taught, to be more do more and love can be bought.

A faceless shape that changes at will, it comes when your laughing and joyous and still.

It settles in deep and comes when you sleep, the shape changing shame that knows your name.

It exists in your mind and dark past behind

Its safe to be let out and seen.

With the light of love and presence of now it dissolves like a beautiful dream.

Shame, shame know your name and now I can see you your never the same..


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