The Silent Wanderer…

Drifting through the sand, above sea and deep in grassy mound, the silent wanderer moves.

In shape and form and taking on melting light in the crispness of each new day, the silent wanderer merges into crowds.


Sometimes seen in mirrors and reflections in shop windows, looking back at you looking back at him. Eyes hollow and breath shallow he waits.

Each day his call his heard and he takes his place with weary souls ready to depart.

This caller of minds left alone to sink into eternal blackness.

He calls them forward with a promise of freedom and eternal bliss.

The silent wanderer holds the key to your heart and all that exists in it.

He is that moment after dream and before awake. The pause in the breath before you breathe out, The subtle change from light to dark.

He is always there, he knows …..

The silent wanderer..


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