The land of lost socks…


Where do they go?

There must a be a world of socks that are lost. A place where “things” that are not “meant to be alone” live.

How do they get there among other lost things? Maybe they planned it that way – when you were unaware and not looking. They slipped away not caring who they left behind.

So now there are only single socks left in the missing sock draw…lonely and wondering.

What about pens, lighters and old coins, do they have another land of their own or maybe they all share the same place and hang out watching daytime TV. Laughing at the humans trying to work it out.

I do not know… only they do, they sometime re appear on their visits home and  unite with their loved ones and they are complete. A dancing pair that keep your toes all toasty.

Who knows where this land exists?, maybe there’s a portal under the bed or at the back of the washing machine…only they know.

Maybe I will visit this lost world someday…


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