I have been there and worn the t-shirt,

Gay man, straight man, any man …

Who am I when I dare to show up?,  to boldly be seen and make a stand.

To fight my corner, to  to be different or accept the same.

I’ve been to the brink, fallen over the edge, didn’t look before I leapt.

Tempted fate and danced with the devil.

I am not a creation within your mind, I am flesh and bone and real.

Have a look and see…

Do I remind you of yourself? the part of you that you despise.

The darkness that threatens your light? the ghoul under the stairs – the blackened masked demon.

Who am I when you look at me?

I am not meant to be moulded or pushed into a box and labeled for you to feel safe.

Here I am and with time on my side, I have been to the depths but I still have my pride…


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