Its time to share this now…

I wrote this and read it out at my dads funeral nearly two years ago now.


The time is here
The road has parted, I have a choice continue how I've started 
The darkness calls as black as night
The other path, bathed in light
Each step ahead a new unveiling
I move with calm, each step unwavering
Destructive doom, the path behind
Angelic spirit in body and mind
I do not know what each days brings
In the Gardens of Eden the birds do sing
Is it true how much I fear, or is it just the roads unclear?
I take a turn a new discovery, the road may wind 
Its meant
The maze of questions may still remain, each day sun rises never the same
As death descends 
I trust its meant
In love and truth I do repent
I pray for peace and though I'm sad 
I pass to you, to god 
My dad...

Much love to all today - Paul (Poetry from the Heart)

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