Last word…


When you speak its to demand, to vent your toxic anger on the world.

Me?… I am just your emotional punchbag. I take the hit and then its done.

You take me to the edge and push me over time and time again.

I want you to leave, to find “your” happy place and to take your screaming child with you.

I am not your mother or your father, or your long lost lover.

I can not tend to your wounds that you leave so bare and that you fill with handfuls of salt to make it worse.

You want so much to be loved and yet you cant even see your own face in the mirror.

You had such joy once upon a time and then they left. The pillars of your world that held you up.

So now you turn to me. to soothe your soul and make it all better.

I do not want this job, its not just 9 -5 its overtime and overkill.

I know your voice just needs to be heard, but in this safe place I have the last word.


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