Maybe if I turn away from darkness there will be no light. 

In stereotypical dreams of screens and bodily yearnings there is truth. 

A sense of longing reaching deep into the dark of night. 

Loneliness that shrouds my being like a well worn coat. 

A little worn out at the edges and comfortable forgetfulness.  

Into the oblivion of wants and desire. 

I take the walls down brick by brick and I slowly emerge. Free from chains and yet freedom so sour on my baited breathe. 

Maybe, when I take the next step and jump into the unknown fate will wake up and hear me. 

Catch my fall and lower me gently to the ground. 

You never get anymore than you can handle…. Or so they say. 

In summer air and fresh flowers scent that dream will become real

I sit and wonder who I’m meant to be.. 

Maybe one day I’ll know…. 


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