I stand before myself looking at myself looking back at me,

I feel naked by the candlelight and stripped bare

My defenses are down, my body aches my mind it spins

Trying to make some sense of the this strange new world

Wanting heartbeats in the still of night, unspoken dreams masquerade

I crave love but settle for less

In this bleak moment of truth I know who I am

I might be labelled by the masses as something other than they are

Their comfort zone not mine

Do you believe the work of the devil?

Wearing shame and guilt like badges of honor alight with fiery hue

I want out, I want to jump to leap with no net and see if I land

Maybe I will…

You try to tell me who I am and what to think

You leave me struggling for breathe with your ideals

I am not you, I might not be perfect but still I am here

Worn at the edges and stripped

Authentically me..



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