No drama, no created crisis. Is that OK?

Just stillness and peace in this moment that is…my heart beats a certain rhythum as I listen to the wind and the sounds of summer.

Sky blue, sea green, birds hovering on warm winds above me.

Once upon a time I left my body, floated out of it, all in the name of safety.

Now I have returned and I feel my self breathe.

I look at wonderful colors that are new, fresh and bold.

Smoky sandalwood fills the air and the humming of the chant greets my senses.

I’m alive because I feel my heart now.

I look into gods eyes and I know the truth.

He never left me and was waiting patiently for me to return to him. The love I feel now fills me from the inside.

In this moment I belong,no longer little boy lost …now I am found.


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