The author



So a little bit about me.

…I was born in 1974 in Middlesex in a quiet little town called Ashford. It’s still there the last time I looked.

…Trained to be a dance teacher and loved every minute of this in the 80s when lycra was in.

…I worked in the travel industry and have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively to some amazing places across the globe.

…Recently found a big love of creative writing and poetry¬† after a full-time career break and finding poetry a great medium for expression

…I have moved from the city to the sea and can walk every day on the beach and love being surrounded by nature and tapping into the healing that gives me.

…Practice yoga on a daily basis, chant and like to eat healthily.

… Sing in a local choir and act in an amateur dramatics group.

…Love my close friends for their source of inspiration and connection and I am deeply grateful for creativity in my life.