New day…

In daily blooms of gods embrace

The past behind a higher taste

I am here and meant to be, the waves of change like deep blue sea

New day dawns a chance to hold my self in love but not so bold

A open door from past to now

I sometimes wonder when and how

The peace it comes like morning frost

I leave behind all that Ive lost

The foundations strong I know its true

A bright day dawns I start anew






Car crash moments and hazy feelings

Unsure edges of where I end and life begins

Total recall of damaged days and toxic fear

Heavy breath and smoky fingers , touching where they were not invited

I lost my voice and who I was in willowy wisps of icy air

Windows that looked up in to the night sky

I wanted to be among them

Free to float in blankets of darkness and silky stars

I left my body never to return

But now I have, I occupy the moment and feel my skin bathed in subtle sun and warm caress

Beckoning me to gently move forward

I am safe in this new body and held by the chant

I am loved from this place and I no longer need to hide in shadows

I am here and I am enough….



Pulsing through my veins.

The deep longing for something unseen and unheard.

I feel it in my body like the need for air, the need for food and everything in between.

I crave touch, caress and warmth like a new born raising his head into a new world.

I desire you and your taste.

If I let my  guard down will I be here still ….do I really know

How can you have this freedom and yet feel so trapped.

With you here to hold my body in the night and capture the morning glint in your eyes

I desire you, but that is just a dream…

My Brother…


Today would have been my brothers birthday and sadly I lost him to suicide less than 2 years ago, I hesitate to share this but I have always written from my heart and want this to be a lasting image and have dedicated this poem to him.. Happy Birthday Simon xx you are very much missed…..

I wish I could tell you that it’s all ok.

To re assure you that you were loved and it was safe to stay.

In the cold dark night and all alone, I wish you could have found your “place called home”

Something solid and with love to guide.

No shame, no fear no need to hide.

The pain so deep and all alone you left that night and couldn’t phone.

I shed your tears that you never could cry.

You chose your path, you said goodbye.

I miss you now and each new day, I see your face …..a million miles away.

Out of sight but not of mind, you leave us now so far behind.

My special bond my wonderful brother – in this short life there is no other.

I wish you peace in your passing on, inside my mind but never gone…


Its time to share this now…

I wrote this and read it out at my dads funeral nearly two years ago now.


The time is here
The road has parted, I have a choice continue how I've started 
The darkness calls as black as night
The other path, bathed in light
Each step ahead a new unveiling
I move with calm, each step unwavering
Destructive doom, the path behind
Angelic spirit in body and mind
I do not know what each days brings
In the Gardens of Eden the birds do sing
Is it true how much I fear, or is it just the roads unclear?
I take a turn a new discovery, the road may wind 
Its meant
The maze of questions may still remain, each day sun rises never the same
As death descends 
I trust its meant
In love and truth I do repent
I pray for peace and though I'm sad 
I pass to you, to god 
My dad...

Much love to all today - Paul (Poetry from the Heart)